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Monster Truck Fans v1.0
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Monster Truck Fans v1.0

Try This Again. ssince Theres no option  to remove a mod you have uploaded. i'll just repost this. for some reason it didnt post correctly the first time. There is 2 files to download. the first file needs to be unrar. inside the rar file is all the monster trucks. unrar zipped files and move to your mod folder. the 2nd file is the map and its already zipped for you so just move it to the mod folder.
I Did not create these. nothing has been changed.
Monster Truck Map With included Monster Trucks.

Details For Map:
-  Monster truck parking
- Cross-country course
- Giant mound for the terrain
-  No animals, no BGA nothing, no farming. It is a pure Fun Map only.

GIANTS, Calli. Simu4you

GIANTS, Calli. Simu4you

  • Guest
    2016-06-03 23:09
    The reason there is no option to remove a download is because if people removed what they uploaded the owner of this site wouldn't receive his money for people downloading watch uploaded, hmm wonder if this violates Giant's Copyright Policy....just saying
  • Name
    2016-06-03 23:15
    No copy rights were violated. If there were FS would mot have any mods.
  • Hugo94fr
    2016-06-04 01:12
    Respect Original Crédits !!!El Toro Loco: - 3d model ? - Convertion / Scripts / In Game: TMPand GraveDigger : - 3d Model: Torus Games- Convertion / Scripts / In Game: TMPWhen you use someone's work learn and respect original crédits
  • Guest
    2016-06-04 01:46
    If anyone receives payment for people downloading from here then yes it is a violation of Giant's copyright, because legally they are the only ones that can receive payment for a mod, imagine that....
  • Rocko
    2016-06-04 06:44
    You guy's don't know to much about this stuff I don't think..I bet money this guy that has this site does not make a penny for this site.Tbo I bet it cost him to have this site up..You ungrateful fuk wods.If it was youtube then he would make money but for a free download site he don't make crap I have been there and done it.
  • Modhub admin
    2016-06-04 09:45
    Yes Giants owns modhub for y'all that didn't know that..This site does not make money as its against giants rules...all mods are free to everyone..They are checked before being uploaded...all mods that are built are the property of giants no exceptions.
  • Guest
    2016-06-04 17:11
    Money is made from the download host that most of these sites use, other wise why would they add other links to their uploads and this is why they don't offer an option to remove a upload, if an upload was removed there would be no funds made when people download, say what you like but this is all true, other wise why even have a site like this...just saying
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