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Monster Truck Fun v1.2
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Monster Truck Fun v1.2

Hello malingerers,
Today I present you my Monster Truck Map available for play.
After a long time I have decided to do this because we were 16 people of today Simu4you time with me on the server with the map & the truck, and we really had fun

Information about the map:
A monster truck parking
A cross-country course
A Luping / For good skiers
A giant mound for the terrain
Truck is already waiting in the vehicles
There are no animals, no BGA nothing, it is a pure Funmap

I hope that you have fun on the Map.

GIANTS, Calli. Simu4you Modding Team SMT

  • Bob


    2015-06-27 08:57
    Tried a download early today ( 210mb ), but the file was in 4 parts all with "SCS extentions " Unable to open files, any reason why?
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