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Morton building 1 and 2
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Morton building 1 and 2

made the buildings bigger to except more vehicles and taller equipment. little building can have parking lot fence put around it to have lots of vehicles. same thing goes with bigger shed also a parking lot for that one also. please enjoy!


  • Farmer
    2015-06-23 02:21
    Can not get the doors to open, with and without door trigger!
  • Case445
    2015-06-23 02:58
    Doors dont work
  • Farmer
    2015-06-24 01:35
    Nevermind, I placed using GE not thinking they were placeable, but the doors work. And the 100x200 seems a bit overkill for the scale. the 40x60 is perfect though!
  • Thomas
    2015-06-24 15:48
    I cant get the doors to work either. What do I need to do? I installed in the Farm Sim 2015 out of my mod folder. Can anyone guide me on what to do?
  • Name
    2015-06-26 00:44
    do not place with giants editor it is placeable. also doors you need to walk right to almost middle of where the doors connect and press i believe its on the keyboard N.
  • Name
    2015-06-28 07:09
    well i think this belong to LMS mods. not the idiot that uploaded it. pretty sure she would have gotten permission if she would have asked lol.. but she choose the other route.
  • Name
    2015-09-27 21:29
    Are the doors on this mod supposed to open? I can't seem to make that happen.
  • Jeremy
    2015-10-11 06:11
    every time i install it does not show up in game tried many different ways.
  • Kapi
    2016-04-08 23:37
  • Landon
    2017-01-17 01:37
    this wont show up in the mods
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