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Mount Farm Shropshire V1
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Mount Farm Shropshire V1

This is Mount Farm! A small Country farm in the Rolling hills of Shropshire, The terrain is easy But in some spots Challenging.

This Map WAs Designed and Created By Liam 7530 and Beatifally Tested By Louie 7430, Simon 7280 and Nathan
PDA map and Default Vehichles done By Nathan 6930.

I dont Claim to Own any objects used in this map. Thanks For Downloading, Any Issues Please Message "Liam Lloyd" Via Facebook.


  • Farmerbenson123
    2016-09-23 01:08
    hey just wondering where you unload the straw in the cow shed as it dosent see to work
  • Name
    2016-09-23 03:14
    no sheep , no chickens , nice layout, very glitchy, missing triggers, has too many files just to get to a texture, british sheds has errors as do the barriers in cow shed over all nice try but way to high in megs for the size of map and less texture as to old stream with loads and bags of character for less megs and runs flawless so over all its been skipped
  • Dave
    2016-09-23 15:57
    No need to say what i was going to say as above comment covers it , same as above
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