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MSP v1.1
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MSP v1.1

Hello this is the MSP MAP2015.
In origin it was the North Frisian march V1 from Dani1803 I was able to rebuild with permission. Thank you!

what I did:
80% of the original houses deleted)
Remained dike (road course as
changed some fields

what's new:
new farm
Dairy Farm
Village with NORMA, home and butchers
new mill
Cattle fattening pig & (Marhu)
Food storage (1984Fendt936)
new homes (TuneWar)
Automatic gates (BlackyBPG)
an industrial area at the moment only the sale of fruits and wool
New BGA with CHP space (sound)
and so on.

Some important notes:
They are all Sketchup / Blender models where there has been texture distortion.
If the card should not start times, invites long / aborts and please keep up the "shader_cache" empty. Is only since the new patch that way. Documents / MyGames / FarmingSimulator2015 / Shader_cache <- path
Otherwise, again thanks to Dani1803
for the map / models if I have forgotten anyone please report is supported by.
On error, please Log (textures outside before) will then find ne solution as soon as possible!
If you have comments that it was not reasonable, or any the last map.
so now have fun!

MFG Bastian04

Dani1803 (Nordfriesische Marsch)
BlackyBGP (Manual Barrier)
TuneWar (Häuserpack)
1984Fendt936 (Futterlager)

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