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Muehlheim v1.0
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Muehlheim v1.0

This is my first map. On the map there are 2 forests, fields 16 UDN a BGA and of course the court.
One can operate forestry and agriculture, and keep cows and sheep. The chicken I have removed due to technical problems.
I know it's not the greatest but I still did not want to hide from you. Depending as the Map arrives and I have the time and inclination to continue building a second Vesion is yet to come or not.

AnimationMapTrigger: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/animation-map-trigger
Terrain_and_Dirt_Control: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/terrain-and-dirt-control-deutsche-version
In addition, the map may be shared only with my permission elsewhere if it is changed or not does not matter.
Now I Want you Have fun playing the Map!
LG your eselHD

Modell: /
Textur: Giants (Standardtexturen)
Script: /
Idee / Konzept: eselHD
Tester: eselHD
Sonstige: /

  • Eselhd
    2016-08-09 21:57
    Hey! This is my Map! I uploaded this Map on Modhoster!
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