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Muhlviertel v0.8 beta
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Muhlviertel v0.8 beta

Welcome in Upper Austria!
Attention: This is an open beta version. That means you get a lot of mistakes for free! And visually, the map is not quite finished yet! You need the yes Map not download. :)
However, all the important functions work. Looks just from not as cool as other maps. : P
Since ichsehr have little time to test the map or continue working, I decided to upload and to release only due to great demand v1 in its current state.

Wassermod (must be tested!)
Chopped Straw (must be tested!)
Green manure mod (must be tested!)
Fields are purchasable (not test all fields)
halfway accurate PDA (work in progress)
BGA, 2 cereal outlets

Known Bugs:
Problems NavMesh sheep
No distance texture for sown fields
No Start Fields (if anyone knows how to assign Start Fields, give me know)

Please let me know about defects, just so they can be fixed! I will add any error on this list.
Future Plans:
Fix error
Beautify forest areas
Add more fields and meadows, expanding map boundary
Add more details & decorative elements
respond to feedback
(Insert traffic)

I'm always open to suggestions and would be very happy to get your feedback!
You may also use the map at any time extend or improve for private purposes, but such versions may be uploaded with my permission and consultation on public platforms! :)


Danke an CebuljCek-modding, vanillaice83, patii, Fendtfan1, romank, FSModding, Modelleicher, Fatian, Larsen, Nick98, fin050808, Lorenz_s, elCid, PDGoldFox und alle anderen Modder deren Namen ich nicht herausfinden konnte!

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