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Mulroy Bay v1.0
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Mulroy Bay v1.0

This here is Mulroy Bay. It's a map based in the heartland of Donegal, Ireland. Plenty of hills for challenging terrain and plenty of interesting points of interests.
There is two farms on the map. One for cows and the other for sheep. Both farms have all the nessesities you need to help improve your farming experience. One pit on each farm, both have seed, fertilizer and fuel triggers as well as the feeding triggers for the cows and sheep.
The townland on the map, Mulroy, has the local Massey Ferguson dealership, along with the grain storage sheds, grain sell points, as well as the triggers that you need. Don't be afraid to explore the map as well as you play it. It has some beautiful scenery around it and nice photographic opportunities.
Finally the map itself has around 30 fields. most of which are average size with the odd acceptence of a bigger field.
I hope everyone who downloads this map will enjoy it as much as I have making it for you all. Thank.

Eire Agri
Ni Modding
Fs-uk Mod Team

  • Wayne
    2015-03-27 20:46
    hey men u make some dam m good map but make some with soybean , rice in it plz
  • Warondar
    2015-03-28 02:58
    @WayneThey probably won't see your comment and request.Many of the mods on this site are re-uploaded here from other sites to get away from crappy, throttled, indirect downloads services which are full of fake download icons for advertisers.At least here most of the downloads are direct and faster, for me anyways.
  • Smitty
    2015-03-28 07:09
    good choice in tune fella if you do see this....listened to that tune many a night keep'in it lit, up a motorway then taggin on wi the irish boy chasin the boat.....well done fella
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