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Mulroy Bay V2
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Mulroy Bay V2

This is Mulroy Bay V2.
This is the second and final version of Mulroy Bay, an Irish style map, fictional, but with areas based on real life features.
The map has 39 fields altogether, not to big or small, perfect for multiplayer or single. The map has three seperate farms all with different uses. I have added plenty of new features since V1, adding calves/pig rearing increasing the size of the maps and improving the old yards.
The terrain on this map is very tricky. Very little flat ground, just plenty of rolling hills and steep fields to keep things interesting.
I would like to thank you all for downloading Mulroy Bay, and I hope you enjoy plenty of hours playing on it.

FS-UK Modteam
NI Modding
Euro DZN
If I have left anyone out please contact me and I will sort it.

  • Raceboy108
    2015-08-12 19:53
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    hey dude good job on the map but i dont really like how u bought all the field and planted all but 2 of the fields in grass most people liek to work and buy the fields them self but all together its a nice map
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