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Multi Overlay Hud v2.3
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Multi Overlay Hud v2.3

Version 2.3
- Various bug fix
- Unlocked optional wtmHud Settings
- Language added spanish
- FieldInfo Slot new calculation Table (test) added (optimized for normal maps) accuracy then lies at 99.9% need but not suitable 0-1 minutes depending on the computer to detect berechnen.Plus field mergers, optionally switchable income amount (for 8xfach Maps ) optimized for 2xfach Maps
- Fast access to Blackboard (missions) added-page 2
- Save for weather SoilMod user added SP and (MP about serverSettings.xml)
- Fix save function in the slots (smaller geldsack) has not been stored properly
- VI display the levels in percent liter switchable (user request)
- Fix prices at Animal bestPrice slot and vsHud
- Fix fieldInfo Slots of Rotten fruits
- Added deaktiverbarer ls 15 money change
- Added adjustable ls 15 money change Timer
- FieldInfo Slot harvest maturity growth stage / Percent (percentage) added (user request)


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