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My country in the mountains v1.5
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My country in the mountains v1.5

What was done:
Box 82 was moved to a small forest
New map limit (mountain limit)
Raw wood sales were completely renewed with water and water
Central courtyard was again reworked with decoration
Liquid tanks are no longer transparent now have textures
Crude oil silo works auh now
At the Plateu a few Collis were reworked so that you no longer hang
Triggermakierungen and panels were revised on the map (honey sign at the ZH was also made)
4 New Saatguthäuser where you can buy it
BGA in the East has been straightened and revised
Potatowasher has his PS again where they belong
Mastviehverkauf was built (in the PDA then see)
Fuel tank indicator now works and you can now also outsource it
New road to the side yard was built or bridge
Automatic warehouse logistics center Cellar -> Ground floor -> 1 floor -> 2 floor in the basement the goods are stored on the ground floor, the goods are picked up ready for collection and in the two upper floors you have filled the shelves with the goods is still half finished.
Field 32 can now also be bought is now a purchase trigger available

Central Court composed of:
glass silos
compost Master
Different halls
Reset space for vehicles

Stockyard is composed of:
From various feedlots
Potato teamers
Egg-laying factory
beet Schnitzler
BGA silo
Solid and liquid manure storage
Standart Animals

3 sawmills
mulch BGA
pallet factory
Apiaries production
and a hall
Gravel (under construction)

storage silo
and liquid manure storage

Entire Map:
Mud Snow Ice greet you on Forestry
Metzger Knochenmühle (pallets and loose) soap factory
sugar factory
Oil pumps Oil Company refinery
inland port
Various towns and villages for the sale of fruits, etc ...
railway station
Konditorei Butterei Mühlerei

Here at this link you will find the map with the dazugehörigkeiten and Credits
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  • Fred
    2016-10-20 02:15 Send message
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    C'est quoi se bordel,les véhicules les un sur les autres et j'en passe,cette carte est a revoir sur toute la ligne,honte aux modeurs.
  • Jacques
    2016-10-20 14:05 Send message
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    beaucoup de fonctions et de bâtiments mais la carte manque de réalisme sur les surélévations manque de réalisme sur l'ensemble de cette map dommage à revoir si suite donner a ce travail plus de finesse serait souhaitable
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