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My Dolgodfalva v1
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My Dolgodfalva v1

My_Dolgosfalvával. (FS 15)
A day at a glance:
18 has been expanded map of the earth which can be bought 7 (of course some land in the village are not included.)
- Forests, use a scythe. Kaszálóból if there are 3 special once inside the forest to plant trees at once.
Bga.berakva a missing 2 silo mode options.
Village has expanded and tried to keep the style of the map.
Waterman, Compost, Fabrik, woolpaletta. Mud
+ Standard sunflower plants.
Animals normally, but the sheep have been cows at a separate location. And stores were still feeding.
Mapba got into the river and two streams or channels
The FS15 known from two railway included.
For Sale
- Riello, plants take over and train sent.
-Port Plants take over.
-Fatelep: Whole-tree forgács.A shall be sent.
-Traktor Sale
-Tüzép: Wool, boards, chips, KOMPOST sale. You can buy a tree to plant.
I found a dirt road inside view of what is good. But some trailers smile emoticon sometimes get stuck in it !!!
The plant is trying to embellish as much as I could.
I hope I will be who will be made up.

The hurt to unzip and copy all the mods difference will malfunction.


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