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Na Zadupie V3 FULL
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Na Zadupie V3 FULL

Map now should not contain any errors but if something goes wrong, please write.
The farm may have more than 60ha of land after having her purchase and sowing.
On the map there is a sawmill and forests - you must complete Thinning forests and plant new seedlings.

At the outset, I would like to point out that the models used on my map are not made by me!
These are models of many authors whose hard for me to write about.
Therefore I would like to thank for it!

What has been fixed / added:
- Fixed a bug with the sale of milk (normal milk is now sold at 24:00)
- Fixed collisions in a sugar factory silos
- Fixed "prism" of grass in the barn (now they appear)
- Improved lighting at night (less curdles game)
- Changed the model and the position of the slurry tank (at the barn)
- Added two farm sheds enough
- Added opened the gates to the key (button-you have to get out of the vehicle and press the "o" as Olga)
- Added icons help in the mini-map (now some will find buying eggs from a neighbor, etc.)
- Added and fixed some szczególików

On the map you will find:
- Polish climate and interesting area (lots of trees and bushes lowpoly with shadows!)
- One fully functional and modern farm
- Cows (we feed and Kikelet Club Hotel gets in the barn)
- Hens (there are eggs)
- Small, medium and large fields that you need to buy (field boundaries are well done)
- Four Skupy Brewery (wheat and barley), elevator grain (wheat, barley, rape, and QQ), Neighbor (Potatoes, QQ, straw / hay + eggs) and Sugar (Sugar beet)
- Purchase chips (Bioelektrownia)
- Sawmill (no need to unload, just enter the marker)
- Four Forests for felling:]
- Basic textures
- Lighting at night (farm, shop, sawmill etc.)
- Shop with machines
- Groceries, Home reeve, radio mast ...
- Ability to reset the machine to the farm
- Posts on the fields and meadows
- Hidden coins and well!
- Icon Help what and where it is!

Hidden coins and icons help "recharge" after loading the save-in game (ie. If it gathered, signed game and either read it again, this coin and the icons are in place although in careerSavegame.xml are collected). This is due to the fact that there is no relevant lines in SampleModMap.lua that are responsible for "harvested triggers" ...
the one problem: /

When of translating into other forums to maintain the original wording of the description!

The prohibition of changing the link and reproduce it! / Do not change & duplicate the download link!
Prohibition map editing! / Do not edit the map!


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    2014-12-07 13:59
    fajna ale troche mala...
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    2014-12-07 18:03
    kto jest autorem tej mapy??
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