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Nadasdfalva v2.5
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Nadasdfalva v2.5

V 2.5.1 http://hassebilder.se/F…/Nadasdfalva_v251_By_csamassa_15.zip
Mods to map need :

Change field. add new stuff on map.


  • Paco
    2015-07-04 14:35
    This map is not of Csamassa, is other version...
  • N0tr3ady
    2015-07-04 18:29
    This is the unauthorized modification of Csamassa's map. The author changed the sign of the main yard, the ad-signs, and placed some deployable buildings (balemaster, etc).
  • Lantmannen
    2015-07-04 18:38
    N0TR3ADY , I have send Mail and facebook 2 mouth ago and did not answer, is Csamassa from begin and say so.Do you have problem?
  • N0tr3ady
    2015-07-05 01:33
    So, what u think? He didn't answered , it means yes for you? No. Csamassa only authorized only one person to modify and publish his map. And that person is MJ111 (fsportal.hu, Hungary), not you.
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