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NC Bale Trailer V1
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NC Bale Trailer V1

The NC Bale trailer i made and converted to 15

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  • C.hughes
    2015-12-17 04:26 Send message
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    brilliant trailer but has anybody els been able to get the auto load part to work ? cheers
  • Zzzzz
    2016-02-16 07:02 Send message
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    it works alright for me with round bales, but I can't get it to take the big bales (ingame default baler) & I haven't tried the other bale types yet but I will indeed to see what they are, big bales that this will load I think are CLAAS Quadrant 1200 bales.
  • Kieran
    2016-02-29 16:36 Send message
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    the trailer is good it drives ok but when i try the automatic loading it doesn't work i have tried all the sizes but it is the original square baler can i have some help please.
  • Wessel
    2017-12-01 21:14 Send message
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    Amazing trailer , i can get the auto loader to work but the downside is that you cant attach more trailers to it , can you do that please? love it!
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