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Nederland v1
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Nederland v1

This is for everyone a new folder from the folder Netherlands.
I started with a very empty folder, and so built.
The folder has a beautiful landscape with lots of details
I wish everyone a lot of fun.

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Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mikemoddingls
Twitter: https://twitter.com/MikeModding

What is present:

- Farm with feed storage, compound feed machine
- traffic
- pig and beef
- three different outlets
- village
- contractor
- Lime Factory where you can buy lime
- wood Factory
- forestry
- Gardencenter
- slurry Storage
- 30 Fields
- 2 Trains
- 2 warehouses for the crops

- Klee
- luzerne
- oat
- rye
- sunflower

required mods:

AnimationMapTrigger http://www.modhoster.de/mods/animation-map-trigger
GuelleMistKalkModPack http://uploadas.com/2wh02an18vud/GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15.rar.html
Zunhammer Wasser u. Milchtank v2.1.0 http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1400
Joskin Betimax RDS 7500 v.3.6.5 http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=2905
Chopped Straw v15.0.03 http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2
MultiMowing v3.1 http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multimowing--3
MultiFruit v3.0 http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multifruit--4
MultiSprayer Herbicide Mod v2.1 http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multisprayer-herbizid-mod
Mapdoortrigger FS15 http://www.file-upload.net/download-10044430/MapDoorTrigger.zip.html

I want to say Thanks to all modders, i used objects from and i use buildings from. 
I hope i didn't forget anybody otherwise i still want to say Thanks because i'd appriate the work.

The map shall not, without the consent of the Modders to find are not changed at Mike-Modding.nl and not re-uploaded ! 
The map can be release on other sites , but please only using the original download – Links !
Die Karte darf nicht ohne die Zustimmung der Modder zu finden sind nicht bei Mike-Modding.nl geändert und nicht erneut hochgeladen!
Die Karte kann auf anderen Seiten zu lösen, aber bitte nur mit dem Original-Download - Links!

Map by: Mike

iants Software, Dutch Agricultural Modelling, Fatian: Strassenset, Windmill by Manuel, LuxFarm
Animation Map Trigger: Script: Xentro, GuelleMistKalkModPack_LS15 TMT (Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan,
Schweine Mast Marhu, Vertex_Dezign, Eifok-Team; NKB-Modding: Fermenter; Nick98.1: Schilderset;

  • Jordib
    2015-07-13 17:24
    Awesome map! really good work!
  • Mikefs
    2015-07-13 17:35
    Thanks for your compliment, in the next version I'm going to make the fields buyable
  • Hans
    2015-07-13 17:48
    "MAKE AN ACCOUNT TO DOWNLOAD" - No thank you.... what a shitty way to get members to your site. C.R.A.P Inc.
  • Mythic
    2015-07-13 18:13
    takes 3 hours to download from that crappy uploaded site with a 200mbit connection ?????what is this the stone age????? use a decent file host next time plz!!!real shame not many good dutch maps out there :S
  • Jordib
    2015-07-13 18:25
    Mythic, Go complain by Uploaded.net or take a premium there and you can download faster ;)
  • Mythic
    2015-07-13 18:41
    pay for a download site i dont wanna use no thnx ,just saying there are better filehosts out there that dont use ultra ultra slow download speeds :)
  • Mikefs
    2015-07-13 19:30
    Do you really think that we help you with this questions, what a language
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-07-13 22:13
    Mike... What happened to the "Nederland 1.6 version Farm" could you not fix it up? That was a good farm.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-14 02:36
    Love the Netherlands maps, from FS2011 until the recent one in FS15, but sorry I just can't download something from uploaded.net. I totally have no problem with the free account having a limited number of download over a period of time, but the download rate throttling just makes it way too slow to bother with it, especially if it ends up timing out on bigger files.
  • Warondar
    2015-07-14 02:41
    Royalties on making mods is something I totally disapprove also, with over-the-top copyright statements showing up on everything that comes out now is a joke and quite frankly could be against existing REAL copyrights.Unless you're paying royalties on using business edition software to make your mods or royalties to whoever owns actual copyrights, claiming such copyrights on mods is more likely against copyright laws itself.
  • Justin
    2015-07-22 21:41
    How about you make it so we do not have to create an account on your site. this is ridiculous as hell man, its either that or wait 3 hours on uploaded.slow
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