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Neuero NL10 Aussensilo v4.0
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Neuero NL10 Aussensilo v4.0

(plazierbare Außensilos)

Version 4.0
Fruit varieties added (sunflower, wood chips, has spelled, rye, triticale); changed textures; reduced file 23.6 MB

In diesen Aussensilos können verschiedene Getreidearten gelagert werden!
NL10/16 Volumen: 700.000 Liter
NL10/20 Volumen: 875.000 Liter
NL10/24 Volumen: 1.050.000 Liter
wheat rape maize barley pellets

Änderungsprotokoll zur Version 3.0 vom 07.02.2016
Fruchtsorten hinzugefügt (sunflower, woodChips, oat, dinkel, rye, triticale)
Texturen geändert
Datei auf 23,6 MB reduziert

Für diesen Mod ist das "UniversalProcessKit" von "mor2000" erfoderlich!

Kyosho's Modfactory

  • Roy


    2016-02-08 16:49
    hello Thomas there is a problem with the silo mod as i have downloaded the mod which it appears in my folder however when i try placing the silos in the game, they don't seem to appear and are invisible although the symbol shows however the silos don't. I was wondering if you could give me some help and advice with this issue. I have even tried extracting them however no result has came from doing this.
  • Lucas
    2016-02-08 18:21
    hello thomas'm having the same problem that roy, does not appear on the map seems invisible please give us a force from already thank you !!!
  • Thomas.1
    2016-02-09 03:07
    lucas , n roymake sure you have the universal process kit installed in your mod folder then it should work
  • Lucas
    2016-02-09 07:21
    Thank thomas now this perfect !!!
  • Roy


    2016-02-09 13:34
    hi thomas how do we find this universal process kit? if you can mabe give me a link or guide us through it or even tell me how to do it thnx :)
  • Roy


    2016-02-09 14:10
    ok hi thomas i found the universal process kit and it works fine thank you, its a nice mod and you did really well on it thnx :)
  • Svoy
    2016-02-09 14:47
    You cant get suport here, thomas has not done this mod the creator is kyoshos-modfactory, if you need suport use https://www.modhoster.de/, thats the real website
  • Roy


    2016-02-15 22:47
    i have found a problem with the NEUERO NL10 AUSSENSILO V4.0 when you use them in your map and you close the game down and then when you open the game up again everything has gone animals, machinery and tractors but only when i have used the silo. am i the only one that has had happen or have there been anyone else with the same thing happening if there is they need taking down to fix or removed
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