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Neukirchen Balbini v1.0 beta
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Neukirchen Balbini v1.0 beta

Here I offer a card!
It was formed out of pure fantersie!
- 2 large farm
- Traffic cars
- 1 Biogas
- Chickens, sheep, cows
- Lime and manure mod v2
- Place the forest and forest placeable buildnigs
- New plants and textures
- Road signs
- Gates and doors opening onto the key (O)
- A large machine shop
- Seed business and dairies
- Pitch Football
- A lot of fields and hills
Required Mods:
1) GuelleMistMod.zip (fertilizer and lime v2)
2) MapDoorTrigger.zip (gates open on the key)
3) Forstmod
This has also been well used!

The map may be available for download only on the original download link.!
The card may only be made under the original
Download link to download.

Modding-Welt Team
JauchenPaule für den Mobilfunkmast, kompressor usw.. Fendtfan1 (chris), axe diamend für seine stall textur, steffenmuc für den tretmiststall, giants software, eifok,4ndi, lagacy.

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