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New beaconlights for all vehicles v1.0
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New beaconlights for all vehicles v1.0

Huhu @ all,
on request by Alex2084 I've tinkered something small. This is a script that replaces the original RUL's a new one. The new one has a orange light cone. You can see in the pictures.
The downloaded file will only need the modfolder and has been working on the script alone. :)
Maybe have one or the other also enjoy it. But beware: If too many when switched RUL's in one place, the game can come to a standstill!
Now have fun with it! :)
MFG IFKO : Thumbup:


  • Erpilas
    2015-04-25 16:15
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    hola...desaparecen los conos de las luces de todos los tractores al colocar este mods en mi carpeta....
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