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New colors for the help window (F1) v1.0
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New colors for the help window (F1) v1.0

Huhu @ all!
I have here again a little script for you. This makes it possible to radiate the help window (F1) in new colors! : D Under 'images' you find 2 sample images.
The colors can you customize in the modDesc the zip. There you will find the following tag:
As it is already in the description tag, you can here the HEX values ??in GIANTS can convert values:
Color values ??- UniversalProcessKit
The whole thing was just ne small gimmick to me. It was also planned that I include the Hud at the clock and the money. The Hud same here would not have been the problem, unfortunately, but I have found no way to change the font color of the time and the money. Therefore, the Hud (still) remains unchanged.
Much more there never to say .. : D
Should you ask easy questions .. ^^
Enjoy the mod!

Script: Ifko[nator]
Web: http://www.modding-welt.com/forum/

  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-17 07:37
    How do we go about making the color change, what do we alter? Good Mod, great for us with diminishing eyesight. Good Job....Bob.
  • Dédé
    2016-04-17 17:03
    Merci a l'auteur ce mod rend plus joli la touche f1.
  • Bob (wires)
    2016-04-18 05:53
    Version 1.5 is available on Authors web Site. Text size adjustable.
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