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New Holland 74.65 2wd v2
3 11 0 2005

New Holland 74.65 2wd v2

Blue lights..  loader brackets, and an under-side mower deck. Also. I'm awful at gathering credits. So i'll put it like this..  I used your stuff to make this work..  I can't make my own shit.  I'm legally blind, no sympathy needed, just stating a fact.  anyways..  just be happy that people like your shit. maybe not your attitude..  but we like your parts.  :)   NO this wasn't directed at anyone in particular..  well maybe if your alias is JRD84 or if the fucking shoe fits... feel free to lace that bitch up tight! Enjoy the mod!

credits go to GIANTS for a fun game, and to all the modders who made the parts i've used. Thanks!

  • Eng51ine
    2016-01-21 14:34
    Fuckin' awesome description! :)
  • Kevin enfinger
    2016-01-21 16:05
    haha fucking amazing description. this is the best one yet hats off and thanks for a great mod
  • Netw3rkd
    2016-01-21 17:05
    you're welcome on the description! Enjoy the mod! :)
  • Name
    2016-01-22 03:09
  • Paul weeks
    2016-01-22 04:16
    What is the fuck is your JACKASSES problem with anyone is CCC? I want to know Brian Lennon, You have a lot of fucking nerve talking bout someone when you cant do anything without stealing other peoples parts. Learn to do things yourself you lazy fucking tickterd
  • Farmerjordan
    2016-01-22 04:16
    I have a little brother with the same issue I'm glad to see that you did this best description of a mod I've ever seen thank you for releasing it for the rest of us to enjoy
  • John8430
    2016-01-23 03:30
    fuck corn capital customes
  • Bryan lennon
    2016-01-23 14:20
    Dude can't even spell my name right. haha
  • Bryan lennon
    2016-01-23 14:24
    Paul, btw I never had a problem, until JRD got a stick up his ass about shit he doesn't even know the truth about. So fuck you both. As far as learning to make my own shit.. did you even read the fucking description? I CANT make my own shit.. why bother, when assholes like you make good shit to use?
  • Punisher
    2016-01-24 02:29
    Fuck CCC and they maggots who run that shit hole. Share All the stuff!! Their precious grain truck is out and so is the Degelman Blade.
  • Lone star customs
    2016-01-24 02:29
    I support Bryan, great description, also as of the words of my friend Kevin Enfinger once said, JRD84, fuck you and your mama same goes for that retard Travis Dietz
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