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New Holland Baler Pack HDR Dyeable v1.2
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New Holland Baler Pack HDR Dyeable v1.2

V1.2 10.6mb zip for all four machines.

2 standard 4000 capacitybalers and 25kmh operating speed and 2 high 8000 capacity balers with 30kmh operating speed. Washable and multiplayer YES. All have HDR dyeable body textures and new silver decals. Square baler is 80000 to buy with 80 daily cost's, round balers are 35000 to buy.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Har_gp
    2015-05-02 15:34 Send message
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    Really nice pack. I have a question about making a truck dyeable. Hit me up on my email if you can please.
  • Firez34
    2015-05-02 15:45 Send message
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    Hi HAR_GP I can't access your email buddy, you could PM me on FS-UK.com, same user name . I think I know what your going to ask and would be happy to help.
  • Warondar
    2015-05-03 01:23 Send message
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    I have a question for you also Stevie, since you seem to be well versed in colors. Why the hell is the sky blue? hehe
  • Firez34
    2015-05-03 02:01 Send message
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    Cos I can't dye it lol.
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