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New Holland Bundle v1.1
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New Holland Bundle v1.1

- Front weights for T6 and T7s
- "long nose" weights for the T7s! (sorry that the nose part actually detaches but I've not found a better solution yet)
- Toggle front PTO on all T6 models
- T7.170 to T7.210 now has a new front PTO (same as T6, seems more common than the "T8 looking" front PTO)
- New front and rear wheels on all T7s
- Added "additionalWeights.lua" you can now add ~500kg to your rear wheels on T7 models (non-dual wheel only)
- Reworked static lights on all tractors in the bundle (you might not have noticed the errors, but most of them has been fixed now)
- Additional moving parts in T6 and T7 cabins (throttle pedal, hand throttle, brake pedal, and implement height "lever?")
- Standardized wheel sizes (no more surprise, surprise my T6.150 shipped with tiny wheels! Small-wheel tractors are more or less gone until I can figure out how to be able to choose wheel size in-game)
- Scale adjustments on T7s (T7.220+ is slightly bigger)
- Minor cabin suspension tweaking
- New store images to clearly show if a tractor can have dual wheels or not.
- Numerous other minor tweaks that I've probably forgot about already...

Text version v1.09 (non-public Beta)
- T4s have double tool-tip for keybinding "K" - Fixed
- T4 wheel clip through the front fenders - Fixed
- All tractors still wobble if attached to heavy trailers - Fixed
- T6 engine cover decal is incorrect - Fixed
- T5/T6 spool valve color decal missing - Fixed
- Numerous engine decals does not have mipmaps - Fixed
- Shuttle lever and pedals work incorrectly if Drive Control is installed but Shuttle is turned OFF - Fixed

1.02 (non-modhoster-release)
- Fixed front wheels on T8s
- Fixed T9 interior camera (now properly centered)
- Fixed T6.165 gears (50km/h as stated in shop description)
- Minor tweak to reduce cabin seat oscillation.

T4.75 too small? T6.160 just a bit too large? T8.320 way to expensive? How about we extend the options a bit? T4, T5, T6, T7, T8, and T9. How many HP do you need? Find everything from 55 HP to 670 HP in a single mod!

This mod contains 10 different tractor models.
T4 (tier B "Powerstar") 55 to 75 HP
T4 (tier A tiny bit larger) 85 to 115 HP
T5 95 to 115 HP (plus a "tuned" bonus with 135 HP)
T6 140 to 160 HP (4 cylinder engine)
T6 155 to 175 HP (tiny bit longer/larger to house a V6 engine. Plus a "tuned" bonus with 208 HP)
T7 170 to 210 HP (based on GIANTS T6, Case IH Puma and an engine cover by Remkoe(?) see this mod: T7.270 )
T7 220 to 270 HP (wider engine cover)
T8 300 to 390 HP (not "GENESIS" series, using old exhaust, same as the Case IH Magnum)
T9 390 to 670 HP (also older model using same exhaust as Case Quadtrac)

37 tractors available!
Around 1 for each 15 HP between 55 and 670 HP! Need something blue with 100+ HP? How about the T5.115? Need 240+ HP? How about the T7.260?
Gearbox mod ready!
Each model come with numerous different gearbox settings ranging from the 24x24 Dual Command found on the T4.55 to the CVT Auto Command transmission of the T7.270 and the 16x2 full Power Shift of the T9.670.
Customize your tractor!
Change the apperance of your tractor! Need a frontloader? Just press "K". Don't like those front fenders? Hit "J" to hide them.
Ride your tractor!
Tilting front axle (disabled on T4 and T5 due to physics engine issues with light vehicles(?)) and low suspension travel combined with stiff springs give a much more realistic (but far from perfect! Sorry!) ride.
Patch 1.3 ready!
Tyre friction set to 1.5. So if you turn hard while going 50km/h you won't just slide around, you'll topple over!
(partial) Dual wheels
Dual wheels on T7.170, T7.235, T7.260, T8.330, T8.390 and most of the T9s'. I don't like dual wheels very much, so no dual wheels for the T6s and below. But feel free to add it by yourself if you like huge wheels! :)
(partial) Cabin controls
Moving cabin parts such as throttle/brake pedals, shuttle levers, hand throttle levers, and joysticks. All integrated with popular mods such as Gearbox and Drive Control. NOTE: This part is Not finished, and might never be.

- none -

1. Gearbox and / or Drive Control
2. Real Terrain mod by OEB Modding

Sorry for the long description...

I will Not add/change/remove stuff due to "requests". I will however fix ERRORS and BUGS that causes the game to crash, freeze, slow down and making the mod useless. Other fixes/tweaks etc. might never be published. I've been a bit too ambitious for a single person mod and this is probably about as far as I will ever get.
PS. I am looking into making proper translations. If you wish to translate this mods to German, Polish, Russian (or other). Don't use translate tools! I could have done that myself.. if your up for it edit the moddesc.xml and PM me a download link please. I'll add the translation to the next release and put your name in the credits.

I claim no rights to any content in this mod. Almost all models and textures are Giants original FS15 content with small adjustments to fit this mods requirements. Some scripts are Not made by me, and those are (hopefully) all present in the Credits section. The scripts I have written can be used and edited freely. I have made a few model parts and textures from scratch, but feel free to use them in your own mods if you like.
Feel free to upload on other sites but keep original download link and description!

v0.95 Beta change log
Added engine cover / hood decals for ALL tractors.
Increased size of T7 to roughly match Timbers Puma 230.
CabinSuspension is now disabled at speeds < ~2km/h (stops shaking seat when stationary).
Added dual wheel collisions to T8s and T9s.
All dual wheels can now be toggled on and off (collisions update correctly).
Added rear dual wheels to T7.170, T7.235, and T7.260.
Fixed decal shape for T7s (not hanging in the air now).
Locked front axle for "light" tractors (T4 and T5) to stop oscillation.
Fixed (red) rear lights on T4s.
Fixed exhaust pipe on T7s.

v1.0 Plans (ETA: within a month)
Fix blinkers and static lights on T8 and T9
Additional cabin controls

V2.0 Plans (ETA: none, might never happen)
Front weight pack(?)
T6 front PTO toggle(?)
Remake T7 engine cover / hood(?)
IC controls(?)

- None! Please report something ;)

Giants (~95% of all models/textures).
Model/Texture/XML editing and i3d assembly by Spartan086.
T7 engine cover/hood mesh by Remkoe(?) , edited and retextured by Spartan086 for FS15.

Saty (universalToggleParts.lua).
JoXXer, fruktor (cabinSuspension.lua).
fozzy691 (joystick.lua script reworked by Spartan086).
fozzy691 (caseIH260.lua edited by Spartan086).

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