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New Holland Bundle v1.12
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New Holland Bundle v1.12

Version 1.12
- Removed AdditionalWeights script from T7s due to multiplayer issues
- Fixed misplaced control panel, decals, and speed display on T4s and T5s
- Fixed rear turn signals on T5s
- Reworked Electro Command/Shift transmission on T5.115, T6.150, and T6.165
- Reworked Auto Shift transmission on T6.155, and T6.175
- Adjusted gearbox configuration on T7s (now properly remembers previous reverse gear when you use manual mode)
- Adjusted top speeds on T6.155, T6.165, T7.170, and T7.185 (would do 50km/h if gearbox was turned off)
- All shop prices has been adjusted to reflect a combination of horse power, top speed, size, versatility and gearbox options. (result: smaller are slightly cheaper but the really big ones are more expensive)
- Fixed a few minor shop description errors

Giants (~95% of all models/textures).
Model/Texture/XML editing and i3d assembly by Spartan086.
T7 engine cover/hood mesh by Remkoe(?) , edited and retextured by Spartan086 for FS15.

Saty (universalToggleParts.lua).
JoXXer, fruktor (cabinSuspension.lua).
fozzy691 (joystick.lua script reworked by Spartan086).
fozzy691 (caseIH260.lua edited by Spartan086).

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