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New Holland CR10.90 v1.0
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New Holland CR10.90 v1.0

Here's my New Holland Combine CR10.90 in white.

Included are:
New Holland CR10.90 WHITE
Price: € 450,000
Maintenance: € 980
Capacity: 20000L
Superflex Draper 45FT WHITE
Price: 80000 €
Maintenance: € 110
Length: 13.7m
Speed: 15kmh
Price: 45000 €
Maintenance: 40 €
Length: 9m
Speed: 15kmh

The mod is error-free!


  • Wayne
    2015-05-15 22:34
    hey man can u make me a big masseyferguson combines that's multi fruit think u
  • Thawk09
    2015-05-16 05:51
    Why Is It Everyone wants to make Equipment Dryable Geez New Holland Is Yellow Or Blue And Should Not Be Changed From Default Manufacture Colors That's just messed up
  • Craig
    2015-05-26 05:28
    It's too slow. I play on big maps. Not going to mess around with haulers. 7mph is retarded... In real life you can go like 40mph.
  • Farm on
    2015-06-15 01:36
    In reaL life it goes 22mph
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