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New Holland Cr9.90 ATI und Terra Wheels v1.0
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New Holland Cr9.90 ATI und Terra Wheels v1.0

The Cr9.90 the smaller brother of Cr10.90 !!!
The Cr9.90 is eig. The direct nachvolger the CR9090.

It was only modifies the Chase and changed the textures! inserted, and a few little things like Terra tires and Ati tracks that has been added.
This CR9.90 is a faithful recreation !! Not like the other umgeskintten CR10.90er for the 9.90 is a lot shorter and only has a radiator as can clearly be seen in the following video comes the mod its original very very close. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5bWg7ADp5kI I wish you much fun with the thick;) And if errors are found just write;)

I recommend this Drescher this mod http://www.modhoster.de/mods/automatische-schneidwerkshohenkontrolle since the cutting heights between the TerraFlex and Varifeed cutters vary! the same with the Meis pickers. And if you have a different cutting unit is changed it in the editor then again too low, etc ...
There are only fitted the standard scripts until now ..... other versions will follow if desired -
Tank Capacity: 14500L

571 hp
A special thanks also goes to Spartan086

Spartan086 und Ich

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    2015-05-05 05:42
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    I have found when using the track combine with the auto combine and using 2 combines at the same time it causes strange behaviors. 1 Combine works fine.
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