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New Holland CR9090 Smartrax
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New Holland CR9090 Smartrax

This pack includes one CR9090, and two headers, 32ft and 25ft.
I bring to you the old top of the range CR series combine, a CR9090 equipped with Smartrax, comfort cab and the ability to introduce Control Traffic Farming to your farm.

Combine Specification:
-12500l grain tank (Wheat/Barley/Canola/Corn)
-591 horse power
-Price of £338000
-Daily upkeep of £750

25ft - £32000 - £50 daily upkeep.
32ft - £45000 - £70 daily upkeep.

It has all the FS15 standard features.
*This is just an edit of a current machine, therefore no other features are included*


  • Grain tank?
    2015-12-09 20:58
    I was wondering what the difference between the grain tanks are, this one seems to open up in a dome shape, vs other ones that are wide open at the top. Is this a euro style or does this have a significant advantage for a certain type of crop? More wanting to know for real life, obviously its just for looks in the game, thanks!
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