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New Holland T5.115 v1.0
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New Holland T5.115 v1.0

This is a New Holland T5.115, it was to be made on the basis of the T4 and the original Steyr.
There any basic functions and in addition it has the front linkage can fold it.
It in not washable.

Modéle: Giants, Agrar-Forest & Dimitri14.
Texture: Giants, Agrar-Forest & Dimitri14. (Stickers)
Script: Giants, Dimitri14.

  • Lulu
    2015-01-19 17:15
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    ses quoi votre map avec la photo du new holland sivouplait
  • Lucas
    2015-01-19 20:32
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    His(Her,Its) what your map with the photo of the new holland please
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