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New Holland T7.240 v1
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New Holland T7.240 v1

This is the New Holland T7.240 model with a few extras added.

Added LED strobe lights to the front grill and the wing mirrors
Also 2 yellow CB Airels
CB within the cab itself
IC controls

Maintenance 65
Required Power 177kw/240hp
working width 4.0m

GIANTS , Rooster

  • Lfvmodding
    2016-07-13 18:57
    ca va tu t est pas trop cassé le cul ta mis deux antenne tu doits etre fatiguer abruti et le mot est faible
  • Steven l
    2016-07-13 20:01
    Stick your head where the sun dont shine , oh wait it already is
  • Rooster
    2016-07-17 14:52
    Hope your enjoying this edit of the nh which i downloaded off this site and separated too one and did my own ideas too it
  • Dave
    2016-07-17 14:55
    I see a little hate here but going by rules terms and conditions rooster has every right to upload because he mentioned GIANTS as the main model holder which is correct unlike the LFVMODDING version
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