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New Holland T8.435 AES v1.0
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New Holland T8.435 AES v1.0

New Holland T8.435 Auto Command
Harvesting Steinberger
Here is a Umskinn the New Holland T8.420 Blue Power from Steiner 91st
Even if it's just a Umskinn I would be happy for a positive evaluation.
As already come some questions on my Facebook if he comes to download,
I can now answer say yes. ;) Maybe you look so times on my
Styria Modding page on facebook past because there are plenty of projects
Have fun with the mod
New Holland T4030 Mfg

Information in the game:
Cost: 289 700 euros
Maintenance costs per day: 150 Euro
Fuel tank capacity: 740 liters
Rated power: 435PS (320kW)

A / Ausbled bare Warntafeln (Steiner 91)
A / Ausbled bare fenders (Steiner 91)

Model: Giants, Steiner 91
Texture: Giants, New Holland T4030
A thanks also to Steiner 91 who gave me permission for its basic model!

Harvesting Steinberger: https://www.facebook.com/Erntetechnik-Steinberger-1436134416604266/?fref=ts
My Modding page: https://www.facebook.com/StyriaModding/?fref=ts

Original Mod by Steiner 91:
New Holland T8 .420 BluePower: http://www.modhoster.de/mods/new-holland-t8-420-bluepower

Giants, New Holland T4030 Steiner 91

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