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New Holland T832 EvoXtreme 620 V1.12 Fix
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New Holland T832 EvoXtreme 620 V1.12 Fix

V1.12 this verion has 3 small log fixes, The attatcher 0 log error, The Dirt Normal path fix and the store width to 2^n log errors. Thanks to whoever guest is for pointing the attacher error which shows only in DEV mode. I'm aware that this applies to the other EvoX T8's and will fix them shortly.

Ok Folks this is what I suppose the EVO tractor was leading upto. Enjoy here on MODHUB.

As Requested.

This has a custom rear hub that you can see between the rear wheels. Each rear wheel is independently Dynamically loaded and has tyre tracks, particles, It's own full range of settings just the same as the original 2 rear wheels. You will see the differential effects working between them when tight turning. No messy code or errors.

Introducing the New Holland T8320 620EvoX with the motor specs from the T9.565 producing 620+ BHP. This was based on the old EVO600 but as requested a rear high implement attacher has been fitted. The glitch when working with the Kuhn tedder not reaching operating height is fixed. Tested with all other implements and trailers ok.

EvoXteme V1.11. 95000 to buy, 95 Daily cost's, Dyeable wheel colours, Washable Yes, Multiplayer Yes. Road Speed restricted Yes 61KMH, Wider front tyres and fenders.  Fender rotation increased when steering, Rear Tyre radius reduced from the original EVO. All Rear arms and attacher heights have been modified for all implements to work as they should. Brakes, RPM, torque, suspension and steering settings have been modified from the original Evo.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Guest
    2015-01-02 20:13
    Thankyou for fixing this great mod,i will look forward to getting the rest of your tractor mods once they are fixed.Keep up the good great work you are doing.
  • Guest
    2015-01-02 20:31
    No problem guest sorry you had to wait a day or so for the fix and thanks for reporting it.
  • Nick
    2015-01-02 20:36
    Thank you for the update of your great mod! 5/5 stars! Is it possible to add the color select feature in some next update?
  • Guest
    2015-01-03 05:10
    Nick I have 7 colours to upload. I've tried uploading as a pack tonight but for some reason it won't go past 1%.
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