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New Holland T8320 600EVO V1.3
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New Holland T8320 600EVO V1.3

New Holland T8320 with the motor specs from the T9.565 producing 600+ BHP. Then I upped the torque and braking and smoothed it all out. Wider wheels & tyres, stiffend suspension settings, scaled the front fenders & front arms. Fitted a lightbar, aerials and a custom skin. This is a fun machine to use and handles superb. V1.2 with larger radius front wheels, fenders and a new white skin.

V1.3 Improvements.
Engine braking reduced.
Braking improved.
Improved Steering, less understeer.
Original colour skin.
Thinner front tyres.
Torque distribution increased towards the front wheels.
Lastly I have fitted a high trailer hitch from the T6 to the rear so this will now pull tedders and trailers with that hitch type( this is a work in progess mod). Udated the schema data to show the hitch in use.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

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    2014-12-19 20:20
    Don't Download, bad Texture paths. Admin please remove. Fixed version in the cue now.
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