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New Holland T8320 620EvoX Dark Green V1.1
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New Holland T8320 620EvoX Dark Green V1.1

As Requested by Art, Dark Green.

Introducing the New Holland T8320 620EvoX with the motor specs from the T9.565 producing 620+ BHP. This was based on the old EVO600 but as requested a rear high implement attacher has been fitted. The glitch when working with the Kuhn tedder not reaching operating height is fixed. Tested with all other implements and trailers ok.

EvoX V1.1. 65000 to buy, 65 Daily cost's, Dyeable wheel colours, Washable Yes, Multiplayer Yes. Road Speed restricted Yes 61KMH, Wider front tyres and fenders.  Fender rotation increased when steering, Rear Tyre radius reduced from the original EVO. All Rear arms and attacher heights have been modified for all implements to work as they should. Brakes, RPM, torque, suspension and steering settings have been modified from the original Evo.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

  • Atr


    2014-12-31 14:19
    Thank you. but not this color, me need color like Fend 939. You can look here, like this tractor. http://www.modland.net/farming-simulator-2015/tractors/case-ih-puma-200-cvx-v-1.7.html
  • Guest
    2014-12-31 15:42
    ATR I have it close to that colour but cannot get it exactly the same. PS color picker gets the color but the game engine specular is changing how it looks in game. Let me know if you want it uploading. Stevie.
  • Guest
    2014-12-31 18:42
    Warning: translation of bottomArm 'lowerLink' of attacherJoint 0 is 0/0.053893595933914/0.011060600169003! Should be 0/0/0! (C:/Users/MSC/Documents/My Games/FarmingSimulator2015/mods//newHollandT8320_EvoX620green/newHollandT8320.xml)
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