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New Holland T9.450 v2.0
2 3 0 1931

New Holland T9.450 v2.0

New Holland T9.450 Lindbejb Pack

added cabin lights
adjusted diff ratios
added rowtrac version
fixed decal flicker

- Wheel Particles
- Driving Particles
- Realistic Lights
- movable things in cab
- suspension cabin for more enjoyable playing experience
- ATI track system did followes terrain
- Joe

Giants, Lindbejb (LBJ Modding), Rafael (Rafazr), Julian/fozzy691

  • Bullshit
    2016-04-29 03:00
    what a bunch of shit
  • Bt


    2016-04-29 04:43
    Someone (Joe) has worked Very Hard to make this mod, and has released it as a kind favor. We should be thankful for this and all donations to the modding community, if you have a problem with the mod, you could kindly state it so we could help you solve it. You don't have to download this or any mod so you can shut it if you don't have any thing nice to say :)
  • Cristiano
    2016-04-29 22:12
    Very good mod, what the name of the map? I loved that map.
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