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New Holland T9560 changing tires v1.1
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New Holland T9560 changing tires v1.1

here I offer you the "New Holland T9.560" with "change tires" which has been kindly provided by speedy77 available at.
Model has been completely re-extracted from LS15 as Mod and accordingly Rebuilt.
It hereby is just a model, which was equipped with interchangeable tires.

Model is as familiar with all the standard functions
Comes the model with "Terra Tires"
Terra tires swapped to normal tires (key 4)
of normal tires switched on twin tires (key 5)
Motor data and handling characteristics were adjusted
Please pay so that the work of the modders! Other Publications in other forums only with original download link!
Thank you.
Mfg RedFox

Giants, speedy77

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