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New Holland TC590 Combine & Header pack v1.0
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New Holland TC590 Combine & Header pack v1.0

For MODHUB.US users. New Holland TC590 Combine Harvester complete with Header18. 60000 Capacity, Road speed limited to approx 32kmh, Havesting speed with the supplied header 18 is 18kmh. The harvester has wider dyeable wheels, aerial's and rear beacon stalklight fitted. Steering has been increased along with brakeforce and small tweaks to RPM and Torque. The interior seats and plastics have been darkened. Both mods are washable and multiplayer. TC590 is 95000 to buy and 195 daily cost's. Header 18 is 15000 to buy and 20 daily cost's.

Original by Giant's, mod by Stevie.

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