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New Holland Teleloader LM 7.42 - v1.1
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New Holland Teleloader LM 7.42 - v1.1

This is the original "New Holland Teleloader LM 7.42 - V1.1" from the free-DLC.

Here are what done:
The frontloader has now an little better tipping angle and a tool cam, better angle from lifting arm and more extend, the mouse-axis from the tools are corrected (like FS 2013), wheels and fender broadly and more Engine-Power.
Requires Patch 1.3 !!!
Have fun

It is forbidden to upload this mod again, even if in an altered form!
Please respect the work and use the original download link!


  • Buster
    2015-07-02 15:49
    very good mod thanx.
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