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New Hooland Cutter 38m v3.0
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New Hooland Cutter 38m v3.0

Version 3.0
- Speed increased on harvesting from 20 at25 km/h
- Resize the cutting area from 20m to 36m
- Pto animation
- New lights added
- Added hydraulic sistem

Latest version:V2.0:
-- fix dirt parts,
– fix animation harvest
– new sound of cutters
– increase rotation

PS: Please upload with original download link.


  • Grey
    2015-10-26 21:31
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    Seems to work ok, but there are a couple of graphical glitches. Namely 2 parts that are floating around not attached to the cutter. You can even see them quite clearly in Pic 2.
  • James
    2015-10-27 00:11
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    yes I see that to Grey, they are really annoying and it doesn't make the header look nice at all
  • Ssssss
    2015-10-27 19:35
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    its a great header even though I too have the same issue with it, a couple of pars on the reels don't match up so there's 2 small black lines floating in the air, I'm going to try & fix this this issue with it so it fixed for my own likings.
  • Sdear85
    2015-10-30 06:06
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    love the mod but its a pain in the butt to unload into a tipper mainly because the unload augers are to short would be nice to get a combine with a longer unloading auger
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