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New Hooland Cutter v3.3.0
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New Hooland Cutter v3.3.0

Hi guys because this mod was very intrested for you, I add some new things to it!

Version 3.3
- New PTO head animations
- Increased rotors speed
- New Colors
- New animation cutters
- And some bugs was fixed.

Version 3.0
– Speed increased on harvesting from 20 at25 km/h
– Resize the cutting area from 20m to 36m
– Pto animation
– New lights added
– Added hydraulic sistem

Latest version:V2.0:
— fix dirt parts,
– fix animation harvest
– new sound of cutters
– increase rotation

PS: Please upload with original download link.


  • Ich


    2015-12-10 14:42
    3. Version, 3mal Schrott SHIT
  • Zzzzz
    2015-12-14 23:45
    V3.3.0 what the difference other than more moving parts & increased reel speed, I still see that black bar way up in the air wasn't fixed where the parts don't match up, this should have & could have been fixed I think, I'd recommend fixing this issue in a V4 & you'll be good to roll for good.
  • Sheronton
    2016-07-03 17:37
    tirem esses 2 pontos escuros de cima dela,porque o resto esta otimo........
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