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New Traffic Mod for v1.16
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New Traffic Mod for v1.16

Test on Version 1.16 !!
there have been several definitions together to get the best result.
In the city and on the highway. On country roads comes numerous to jams at intersections and crossings. Lots of traffic at night. For me the best AI Traffic Mod. Tested on the SCS original MAP.

fayee, Yi-San, Julien

  • Ben


    2015-01-26 14:00
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    Is this for Euro Truck simulator??
  • Guest
    2015-01-26 20:18
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    Yes it is the person who posted it here posted it in the wrong game
  • Ceedee
    2015-01-26 20:48
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    Yes it is for ES2. Its been posted in the wrong section.
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