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New Version Map v2
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New Version Map v2

Added ICE-CREAM Production
Added OLIVA-OIL Production
Added BEER Production
Added SUGAR Production
Added POP-CORN Production
Added CIDER production
Added JUICE Production
Added a new Road at TOON and many more.Have Fun
IMPORTANT you need to put the AAA_UniversalProcessKit in your Mods folder
I play the map and I have no fund problems, but if you have bugs etc, please post a comment. Have FunAdded.

Joa Marhu UpsideDown Giants and the others to the Scripts and Objects

  • Donnie
    2015-12-21 16:42
    boy oh boy you are getting there now you chicken fattening beef pig fattening change the saw mill to the modern saw mill it the bomb and add some more pave roads instead of dirt and lettuce cabbage green houses then it will be the greatest map out yet can you add a mix feeder to the beef and pig barns that would really be the big bomb thanks for what you have done
  • Bob (wires)
    2015-12-21 22:00
    Hi...There is a conflict of some kind withe the Mod "mixfeeder.zip", when this mod is in file the Game will not save, remove file I get the save option to work. Bob.
  • Bosquillon
    2015-12-22 01:21
    slt , PDA nul a refaire raisin pas trouve si non c'est cool a par le PDA j'ai jetter car c'est pas possible de se trouve sue la carte et le 4 batimment a cohon et boeuf il vais 3 plombs pour les trouve c'est cliants en grs c'es de la merde ......... ou a corrigé.
  • Guest
    2015-12-22 10:33
    Mediafire link says : access denied
  • Chris
    2015-12-23 01:23
    i had another map mess up my saved game for v2 and im trying to download it but meadia fire says its been deleted could you please put it back up its a great map
  • David
    2015-12-23 09:36
    where do we sell the new production ,ice cream,pop corn,and cider and will there be a building put in for the storeage of all the production ie...chilled warehouse..
  • Kev


    2015-12-27 15:50
    media fire does not have this download
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