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Newbie Farm 2015 V1 Multifruits With Soil Mod
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Newbie Farm 2015 V1 Multifruits With Soil Mod

Hello and welcome to Newbie Farm. I have been working on this map since FS11 and have released many updates over the years which has seem the map change a lot. This years map is no different and although not as drastic as the changes made after FS13 was released, there are still a lot of small but cosmetic changes to be seem. Some fields have been changed to include some hills in them and then some fields are a little bigger. The most noticeable changes are the road going up to the Bakery and the field near it, the fact that there is now only 2 bridges as a pose to the 4 in FS13 field 24 been much bigger.
I have implemented the water mod although due to issue's with the mod for chickens the water mod is only active for sheep and cows. Also the soil mod has now been implemented to add a more realistic simulation to crop maintenance.

Required Mods:
Soil Mod
Multifruit Mod

Log Changes:
* Map successfully ported over.
* Recreated cow zone and changed the pasture to make full use of the stock barn.
* Recreated animal nav meshes sheep and chickens.
* Egg sell trigers added to farm shop and bakery.
* Ported as much stuff from Newbie Farm 2013 V6 map as i needed.
* Career start point moved to farm house.
* Put bridges in place (stock FS15 bridges).
* Added farm sheds.
* Multisilo (stock fs15 building) used over the silo's used in FS13.
* updated the field textures.
* Animal zones all done and working.
* FS15 lumber mill put into place.
* Mountains behind field 2 moved back and field 2 made bigger.
* The road near field 4 moved closer to the mountains so the size of field 4 could be increased.
* The tree's between field 6 and 7 reduced and the field made bigger.
* Tree's between fields 9 and 10 reduced and field 9 made bigger.
* Mountain behind field 13 moved back and field size increased.
* Tree's between fields 10 and 14 reduced and field 14 made bigger.
* Price for logs reduced drastically.
* Convayor added for wood chips.
* Paintable tree's removed from near field 3 and forsetry tree's placed there.
* field 14 terrain changed so its no longer flat.
* Starting vehicles in place.
* Modified terrain near lumber mill for a few placeable buildings for Frito.
* Modified terrain for old pig pen so placeable pig and cattle pens could be placed there.
* removed windrows from the frieght yard to encourage baling.
* Added tree's around the placeable buildings over at the lumber yard.
* Watermill added.
* Gate on sheep pasture added.
* Gate added to Chicken pen.
* Modified the road going up to the bakery.
* Removed some painted tree's and replaced them with forest tree's.
* Increased the size of the field near the bakery.
* Added a fence around the edge of the mountain next to the road going up to the bakery.
* Removed most of the painted tree's around the garden centre and replaced them with normal tree's.
* Removed shrubs from garden centre.
* Added fence to garden centre and added another entrace as well.
* Removed painted tree's from freight yard and replaced them with normal tree's.
* Removed painted tree's from some area's along the road and replaced them with normal tree's.
* Removed shrubs from some places along the roads.
* Removed painted tree's from around the mill and village and replaced them with normal tree's.
* Removed some shrubs from around the mill and village.
* Removed painted tree's from road leading to BGA and replaced them with normal tree's.
* Water mod added.
* Opened up the land going to the bakery even more.
* Increased size of field near bakery a little more.
* Updated map briefing.
* Balanced prices and growth times for all fruit types.
* Removed storage sheds for grass, silage, mixed rations and straw due to serious lag issue's when using them.
* Multi silo added for straw, grass, silage, chaff and mixed rations.
* Removed placeable starting buildings because it was to easy with them installed.
* Mountain between fields 1 and 24 has been changed to all for the fields to be made bigger.
* Road put in from Mill to field 24 to open the map up a little more.
* Field?? increased and all painted tree's replaced for default ones.
* Terrain at the back of field 14 changed to all for field 14 to be bigger and all painted tree's replaced with default ones.
* Added sprayer, frontloader and 2 weights to starting equipment.
* Default tree's put in place of the painted ones.
* PDA Done.

* Bridges fixed
* Fixed price of logs
* Fixed Grain stations, replaced them due to errors.
* Fixed water mod, removed wheat and water troughs from chickens as it throws errors.
* Fixed price of field 19 and size.
* fixed floating egg in chicken pen

* Luke159
* Giants
* NI Modding
* Hoftankstelle v 3.0 by ------- Icebear_Lars
* moggo
* LG PaPa
* LG model Eicher
* Marhu
* Katsuo
* Xentro
* WBF-contracting1
* NI Modding
* Farmi
* modelleicher
* TwistedGA
* nlinetec
* tim
* sandgroper
* MultiMikie123
* GhillieSniper
* Prlek Modding
* Tessmann85
* Neurotek
* Decker
* TwistedGA
* Xentro
* kaosknite
* WKubota
* Weltbauer
* Bernd Bauer
* FreddyK
* LwFarming
* Eribus
* Blacky_BPG
* Reaper9111
* MFG Raptor5
* AlbertL
* JohnDeere1952
* CG Tetures
* bassaddict
* xXdanielXx
* Decker_MMIV
* Napalm
* dural
* webalizer
* Leos50

* Karla
* Kevin.P
* Frito
* Iain Robson

  • Jeremy
    2016-05-06 06:26
    Beautiful map with a large variety of crops to choose from, but only a few minor issues: selling points for eggs are marked wrong on the map - the farm shop and bakery buy eggs. The Garden Center icon is in the wrong place (in the middle of a field). Also, I noticed a slaughter house as a selling point, but they don't buy crops, and beef cattle or pigs aren't included with this map (perhaps a future version?)
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