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Nieciekawa Map v4.2 FINAL
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Nieciekawa Map v4.2 FINAL

Hello. I present to you the map Nieciekawa FINAL v4.2 Map
Author: Marshmallow
Konwert: mati4895

What map is:
- Two playable economy, on the one all the animals, on the other only grain
- Mod lime
- Manure mod v2
- Manure mod v2
- Mod chopped
- Gates open at O (not zero)
- Gates open at About
- Cows and everything related
- Feeding in the barn
- Manure near the barn
- Watering cows
- sheep
- Watering sheep
- Hens, eggs, wheat feeding, provision of water,
- The sale of eggs
- Shop Agroma
- Purchase of cereals
- Purchase of wool
- Purchase of pigs
- pigsty
- Silos for silage
- Traffic
- Pedestrians
- Bought all fields
- Purchase of beet and potatoes
- In a separate economy tuck potatoes and beetroot
- supersilo
- village
- river
- A zero errors in the log

And I guess that's it. Permission from the author came off, for which I thank you.
Please Collect the original link, I know you uploaded, but it motivates me. The more downloads, the more new maps. Respect my work, to convert the map does not last one day so ...
The prohibition of changing the link
Prohibition edit, if I do something wrong then write, improve, and I will give...

Author: Marshmallow
Konwert: mati4895

  • Mat


    2015-02-05 22:53
    These are not the original links to map.
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