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Nikolaevka v09.3
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Nikolaevka v09.3

Nikolaevka v 09.3. You begin a career farmer on the outskirts of a small village called Nikolaevka.
You have four tractors, two combines, trailer, plow, harrow and seeder, places for breeding cows, sheep and hens growing. There is also a granary with a small margin of crops, storage with potatoes, beet and wood chips. Three your fields, one of wheat ready for harvest, on the other - sunflower.
On the map: 20 fields, logging complex, creamery, weaving mill, the sugar factory, yoghurt factory, plantation for cultivation of fruit trees, animal farms and meat processing plant, bakery, market, two shops and a cafe. Another of the points of sale -BGA, heating plant, a bio-fuel plant. In general, you will not be bored. I hope you enjoy the map.

Changes in v 0.9.3 (02.09.2016):
1. The sugar factory is no more, and now the sugar produced in the bakeries.
2. In place of the sugar factory - Dairy Plant, buyout produces cheese, pasteurized milk, and butter.
These products are made in the bakery and in a rest home.
3. Completely reworked system of loading of the goods produced at the factory, cleaned items - bones
4. In this regard, the trigger sale of meat in a butcher's shop are also replaced
5. Fixed bugs in the hopper to the BHA
6. Fixed a bug in the triggrea in a granary based
7. Sale of square and round bales on w / complex is now working.
8. Reviewed food prices
9. Fixed a bug in the car. Now everything is working.
10. Added to the information content of some plants
11. Fixed bug with lots of kombkorma in based storage
12.Proizvedeny minor and insignificant changes of the relief and the environment.

Modified Gaz53_Pack: grocery van transporting dairy products and meat processing plant.


  • Bob(wires)
    2016-09-09 20:33
    Can not get the Flourmill to start to produce product, Also there is no "fruit Hud Icon" for sunflower. Bob..
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