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Nissan Micra K10 v2.0 Last Edition
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Nissan Micra K10 v2.0 Last Edition

Hello MH Community
Yeah, he is back !!! my little Micra K10 as LS13. the 92er Micra K10 stand very long in my yard in Hagenstedt (LS13). Yes, I like him very dolle missing he was finally successful after LS15 Converts. I had then tests made ??on uneven roads, steep mountains, ground clearance, and on practicality .I personally tested propelled him very much am already some KM dangers. So he's back .------

The History:
The farmer had sooooooo many new vehicles, machines, trailer and his new car in the New World .and one evening he Lag Reflecting in his bed and he missed the little ones. He missed him so much that's why he wanted to do everything that comes our Little in the New World (LS15). First, he was transferred to LS15 standard retooled Next, all papers up to date Housed Later it was as far as he was successful after LS15 Imports and got a new authorization. The farmer had been repaired it, Recycled, sucked polished, etc. In the end, the farmer proud of his little Micra he From Import, upgrading, repairs had bravely persevered. Now he is Brav in Modhoster there and waiting for its new owner.
It was still a bit Repaired as:
Tinted glass (low-e glazing in bronze)
Cruise control is now removed 90 KM / H
A new sport exhaust
and some other things

By the way I wanted Indicators LS15 yet, Fast 156 Km / h, yet what do the Exeteur, but I wanted him so original that it was a small Errinerung of LS13.
Conclusion: He was very brave, and we gave him a new life, to scrap it was not long (very rare in the real-isa very much into !!!!!)
Where do I even say thank you Want is at MTL modding team , they have it converted successfully Thanks to you AGAIN !!!!., and also my buddy for the Little Help The Small also says Thank .-
So have fun while gambling with the kids and have a nice week

LG. Corsa D driver
PS Anyone who thinks that this mod is Sch ** and a Multifunktionsmod here is expected false !!! AND WEMS not like it broke him NOT DOWNLOAD !!!

das Modell seit 2009 : Giants
das ├╝berarbeiten und das Leben in einen Nissan geben : Corsa D Fahrer
Konvertierung: Micha the Modder (MTL Modding Team)

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