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No More Ridge Markers
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No More Ridge Markers

This mod adds the Giants default seeders with ridge markers disabled to the MODS section of the in-game store.

To be perfectly clear, it does not affect the standard Giants seeders. They still work as before. It is not a global effect mod. It just adds clones of the Giants seeders with disabled ridge markers in the MODS store section.

The mod is primarily being released as a complimentary package for my BasicGears for Giants Vehicles mod. This is because the BasicGears script uses the IMPLEMENT_EXTRA4 command for Upshifting. The default seeders use the same command for deploying the ridge markers. The problem here is rather obvious. There are ways to work around said problem, but disabling the ridge markers is by far the easiest solution. Hence the release of this mod.

That said, this mod is ideal for anyone who never uses the ridge markers. It eliminates the possibility of deploying the markers by accident. They should work just fine with any tractors, default or mod.

Aside from the aforementioned changes, the stats and specs remain the same as the default seeders. Being a rather simple modification, I don't think there is much more to say.

If posting this mod to any other website, please link to the original download here on FS-UK.

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