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NoName v1.0
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NoName v1.0

Hello Love Com,
I hereby present to you the NoName in LS15 available!
The map is exactly the same as in LS13 only are all built the LS15 versions! Wood you can unload and sell the land trade in the yellow square. All trees can you saw down on as the standart map.
The Court No.2 can you feed with wood chips for money and generate heat.
It would be good if you do convert the MapDoorTrigger or are you waiting till he come that will not be so long.
The cows can feed her by her einfüttert the Court nr1 and 2 in the stables futterrationne.
Sheep are again as before in the barn go to feed on Berhof to the animals.
This is a version 1 it follows a v2 so write me any suggestions please because I myself still in LS15 right must find! thank lg agi.

Danke an alle Modder deren Objekte ich verbaut habe.
pfreek, takerls, Agi, imarvin, Dome vom LU Kaufmann für einige umtexturiert Objekte, und an DaDene für die Silorollen.
JauchenPaule für den Mobilfunkmast, kompressor usw.. Fendtfan1 (chris), axe diamend für seine stall textur, steffenmuc für den tretmiststall, giants software, eifok,4ndi, lagacy.

  • Roberto
    2014-11-13 19:14
    doesen t support pleceable objects
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