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Nordborchen v1.0
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Nordborchen v1.0

Here I present you my Nordborchen Map before. There are waiting for you pigs, cows, fields and sawmills. With the extra money from the Sägrei You erhällst wooden pallets ready for sale at the joinery or carpentry.
The map is modeled on the landscape of Nordborchen near Paderborn.

Major mods you need.
- AAA_UniversalProcessKit
- GuelleMistMod

The Map has been tested in MP and runs smoothly.
I thank TuneWar for building the map.
I wish you much fun playing

Diese Map darf nicht verändert und oder neu hochgeladen werden.

  • Eddie
    2015-11-01 15:01
    where do you empty the grains at the main farm
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