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Nordfrieland v2.0
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Nordfrieland v2.0

Moin and greetings from North Friesland
We hereby introduce you to our first map, this map is modeled our homeland North Frisia.
The forest area on the map must be planted itself.
Most fields are pre-ordered with the standart fruits.
It offers you a flat landscape as it looks directly behind the dike with us.
Pig was installed and ChoppedStraw (the ChoppedStraw mod can müst even download and copy it to the mods folder)
The milk must be loaded on the cattle barn and go to the dairy itself in Makierung.

Were installed, among other things:
Slurry manure sale
Food storage

It is not allowed to use the map and start fresh upload or publish the map with a gänderten download link. Please watch so that the work of modders.

Marhu / DT Master

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