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Norge Holm v4.0 Multifruit SoilMod
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Norge Holm v4.0 Multifruit SoilMod

Multi Fruit Map with weed-Mod, Multi-fertilizer, fertilizer trade, porcine, bovine u. Broiler, green manure, SeedMaster, GülleMistKalk, manure storage, horse farm, EDEKA, composting, WaterMod, ChoppedStraw, Display Overview, Real Time, bale, Komposterde- , straw, grass / hay, mixed feed, silage u. Seed Vault, butchers, sheepfold, wool-shed etc.

Special emphasis was placed in the design of the map to ensure that all fields are maintained as in the original default Map. Thus, in Section 24 was only a small strip and about 1/3 away in box 25 for the space required by the fattening farms.

It has also been taken to ensure that the envisaged by Giants atmosphere of Scandinavian landscape is not entirely lost.

The fattening farms (pig and cattle fattening), a path leads through a small gorge which is crossed by a footbridge. Pigs and cattle can also be fed with the new fruit oats and rye in addition to sugar beet, potatoes, wheat barley, canola and corn, in addition now.

At the station, the tracks were extended and the tunnel added. An old road bridge from a discarded construction project of the Government of Norge Holm leads over the railway tracks to the new manure-crap-buying.

Cow and sheep pastures are now beside the granary, so not far from the farm.

At the old place of the cow pasture is a horse for the purchase of straw, grass / hay, oats and sugar beet. In the former sheep pasture an EDEKA market has emerged. Here pigs, cattle, slaughter chickens and potatoes can be sold.

The map has been prepared for the weed, BunkerSilosHud - GülleMistKalk-, the ChoppedStraw- and Greenfertilizer-Mod. For the weed, BunkerSilosHud-, GülleMistKalk- and ChoppedStraw mod only the appropriate zip file must be copied into the mod folder - Links are provided below to the mods in the Mod recommendations. The Greenfertilizer-Mod (green manure-Mod) is completely installed and requires no additional action.

NEW! Sheepfold u. Wool shelter! NEW!

Changelog version 1.9 (new Score necessary **** - Log is error-free)
* Sheepfold at the sheep pasture. Mangers and potions are now in the sheepfold.
* Wool shelter next to the sheepfold.
* Doors, roof and gate sounds at various buildings / facilities now available.
* Seeds2: Fixed a bug in the Fillplane.
* Straw yield at the threshing oats and rye increased - now corresponds to the yield of standard fruits.
* Compost prices adjusted, resulting in a purchase and immediate sale is no longer worthwhile.
* A few toppled street signs erected again.

Since major changes to the terrain have been made for the sheepfold and the wool-shed, you should start a new game. Otherwise grass grows from the places where it should not grow out and this does not look nice.

**** If you want to start any new games prior, should consider the following Linked instructions.

Instructions to take over the old game data (V.1.8) in the new version (v.1.9)

Since the instructions but something more substantial is to write them down here, I have turned it into a PDF and put online. -> Http://uploaded.net/file/vtg1h49w


NEW! Fliegl beetMaster100k for the production of beet pulp! NEW!

Changelog version 1.8 (no new Score necessary from V.1.5 * - log is error-free)

* Fliegl beetMaster100k for the production of beet pulp.
* Beet pulp blocked as a new fruit on the map.
* Maximum capacity of the composting plant increases.
* Right of composting container increased, so that the higher capacity to look more realistic.
Increased * Right containers of composting, as well as larger trailers can now be loaded.
* Info Trigger the composting increased, one needs thus for level information no longer visible to the cabinet, it is enough on the ramp to stand.
* The composting facility can now also be loaded with the shovel and bales. ***
* Beet pulp warehouse with conveyor belt and adapted textures. For this purpose, the old compost warehouse was used because it was superseded by the fertilizer silo.
* Seeds2: Fixed a bug in the Fillplane.

*** Too much filled bales can no longer or only with difficulty be taken out of the container, so please respect before filling with bales to the current level.


Information about Fliegl beetMaster100k:

The Fliegl beetMaster100k located below the large food warehouse, as well as where the little shelter is. In order to produce beet pulp, the Fliegl beetMaster100k must be filled with sugar beets.

NEW! Multi fertilizer, fertilizer trade, compost as fertilizer use! NEW!

Changelog version 1.7 (no new Score necessary from V.1.6 * - log is error-free)

* Compost + 4 fertilizer Mod incl. Trade & Silo V 1.2 **,
* Compost now used as a fertilizer,
* Swath increases,
* Textures adapted the compost,
* Slurry storage Now with digital level gauge,
* Old lime silo removed
* SeedMaster2k15 added,
* Map PDA updated
* Compost soil has now become compost.

* If you run out where the new fertilizer trade has arisen weggrubbert the grass on the v.1.7 prior to the update, no making the score needs to be started. Otherwise grass grows from the places where it should not grow out and then this does not look nice.

** When compost + 4 fertilizer Mod, there are still a small bug which to date, unfortunately, has not yet been fixed. When unloading of fertilizer not offload particle texture appears. Who bothers to simply remove them from the new GuelleMistMod the GMM_addon.lua. But after that you can no longer use the new kinds of fertilizer incl. Kalkdünner.

With version 1.7 of the trading of various types of fertilizers is now possible. This would compost, NPK fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, lime and standard fertilizers in detail.

Near the composting this a new fertilizer trade has emerged. There various types of fertilizer can be bought cheaper up to about 60%. At the same time you can sell the fertilizer trade his compost.

At the old location of SeedMaster2k15 a new multi-fertilizer silo was built. In the multi-fertilizer-Silo all purchased the fertilizer trade and kinds of fertilizer produced from the composting compost can be stored. In addition, the multi-fertilizer silo serves as fertilizer sales outlet. You can also buy here so all kinds of fertilizer or use off the shelf for free.

The SeedMaster2k15 now stands on the site where once stood the old lime silo.

The old warehouse is compost first remained there, even if it is no longer necessary with the new multi-fertilizer silo.

Changelog version 1.6 (no new Score necessary from v.1.5 - Log is error-free)
* Unkrautmod: White part fixed. If no weeds will be destroyed, reducing now from a specific weed stage yields. The fertilizer texture (field is then unfertilised) also disappears from a specific weed stage.
* Traffic Light Mod: Traffic lights (all lights are always the same map) and the storage of lightning proof photos are now off manually to the new switch boxes or be switched on.
* At each traffic light junction box for a vg Added functions.
* In the pig and cattle fattening the production of solid and liquid manure was doubled. In broiler production from manure has increased by approximately 67%.
* Last night lighting at the oil mill and the composting plant.

Supplementary Note to the traffic light Mod:
At every set of traffic lights can be on the specially marked traffic light control boxes with the "Return" button, all lights on the Map on or off. With the key "," can store the photographic evidence or are turned off. When the F1-menu V.G. be Options also displayed in the area of ​​the traffic lights switch trigger.

************************************************** *******************************
Instructions to take over the old game data (v.1.4) in the new version (v.1.5)

Since the instructions but something more substantial is to write them down here, I have turned it into a PDF and put online. -> Http://uploaded.net/file/vtg1h49w

************************************************** *******************************

NEW! Oil mill with two small lakes and a tearing Bach!
Changelog version 1.5 (new Score necessary -Log is error-free)

* Oil mill with animated water wheel, built for the purchase of rapeseed and sunflower.
* Two small lakes with tearing Bach added.
* Integrated green manure mod (if ZZZ_greenFertilizer.zip in mod folder, please remove).
* The chicken in the broiler too are now also a beautiful colorful rooster.
* Plane errors on Silo broiler diets eliminated.
* Textures for liquid manure, manure, lime mod changed, so it looks more natural.
* Terrain error fixed in the pig fattening.
* All traffic lights are now holding lines and road markings direction.
* Traffic light trigger slightly reduced, so that "curve Schneider" get less traffic tickets.
* Display Overview revised, it will only make things appear which can be sold.
* Remove Daytime Haze involved. Mod reduces daytime from 9 am to clock the haze.


As have been made for the oil mill, the two small lakes and the brook that major change at the terrain, you should start a new game. Otherwise grass grows from the places where it should not grow out and this does not look nice.

NEW! Traffic Light Mod with AI traffic control incl. Fine feature! NEW!

Changelog version 1.4 (no new Score necessary - Log is error-free)

* Traffic Light Mod with AI traffic control incl. Fine function.
* New road signs.

Please copy ALL zip files in the mod folder, even if other versions are already available! A new addition is the zip for the traffic light and the Mod ZZZ_multiSprayer.zip (released by upsidedown).

Notes on Traffic Light Mod:
The traffic light Mod governs inter alia Also the AI ​​traffic. If your self-drive through a red light, it costs you a fine which will be deducted from your Cash. In addition, a photographic evidence is still shot and saved as a screenshot in the screenshot folder. Between 22 ° ° clock and 6 ° ° clock, the lights turn off and then show a yellow flashing light.


NEW! Now with weed-mod without reducing crop yields! NEW!
Changelog version 1.3 (no new Score necessary - Log is error-free)


* Unkrautmod (Multi Sprayer herbicide Mod) NEW installed! (without reducing crop yields).
* New HUD Spot symbol of the broiler.
* HUD Spot symbol of the wool sale repositioned.
* Sale prices of slaughter poultry increased.
* Maintenance costs of slaughter chickens reduced.

Notes on weed-mod:
To call all functions and possibilities here would be a bit long. Just look at the link to the Mod, there everything is described in great detail. Only one thing was said to you. Resist the beginnings and let yourself not the weeds grow over the head. ;) -> Http://www.modhoster.de/mods/multisprayer-herbizid-mod.

Changelog version 1.2 (no new Score necessary)

* Beet cutter added to the cow pasture. If vehicles / equipment are at the feeding trough of cows, please before the update only move because here get there the beet cutter.
* The new placement of WoolPaletteCollector there was at the unloading point one flaw, which has now been corrected. If wool pallets already possible on WoolPaletteCollector which rooms please before the update only - otherwise errors might occur.
* Meadow between the house matched to the sheep pasture and field 38th
* The manure storage at the chicken and cattle fattening the Abladetextur was slightly shifted to the left, and this has now been fixed.
* Conveyor broiler diets emptied even the dung heap of cattle fattening - fixed.
* New feed allocation in the broiler, as it makes more sense so.
* Fence away behind the chicken-fattening facility.

Quick Guide beet Schneider:
Since there is not much to say. You can now produce mixed feed with the sugar beet or potatoes. Simply load the beets or potatoes with a shovel into the funnel and already captures the beet cutter to produce compound feed. This works similarly to the mixing station, there is the same script of Marhu under the hood. It is currently not possible to charge the compound feed, it will automatically be transported to the production in the feeding trough.

Note: If your at the same time it can also used the placeable mixing station, among other things at Live Scores experience an error. Please If this is, then replaces the LiveTicker.lua of the mixing station with that of the beet cutter.

Changelog version 1.1

* The new broiler at the cow pasture added.
* Upon request, the horse farm built new stables.
* Shelter beneath the large layers of fodder shifted slightly downwards.
* When all active lights the flare improved. When driving under the lights, the reflexes turn on the vehicles no longer abruptly off or on, but slowly become brighter or darker, giving a realistic impression.

Quick Guide broiler:

The chicken can be supplied with water. They are fed with root crops (potato, sugarbeet). On Silo you can feed wheat, corn, barley, oats and rye. At the feed troughs you feed corn, wheat, barley, silage and compound feed.

Are you in the barn in straw that produce chicken manure - but NO manure.

Can be sold the chickens at the butcher's and the EDEKA. For transporting either convert an existing trailer or you can use the Joskin Betimax RDS 7500. -> http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1422&p=10722#p10722

In the barn there are close to the goal of a switch, with which you can open the glass roof. Open key O and Z or Y button (depending on what you have set for a language for the keyboard) to close. The button must be held, so do not touch just briefly.

Version 1.0
Listing and brief explanation of the installed, used or prepared Mods:

GülleMistKalk-Mod: It can be fertilized with the standard devices slurry, manure and lime.
ChoppedStraw-Mod: power chopped straw visible.
Greenfertilizer-Mod: alfalfa and clover can be sown as a fast-growing green plants and serve as fertilizer for the fields.
Pigs: breeding pigs and cattle.
WoolPaletteCollector: Automated collection system at the sheep pasture.
SeedMaster2k15: production of treated seeds.
WaterMod: water supply of cows, sheep, chickens, pigs and cattle.
Slurry storage: For storage of liquid manure from the cows, cattle and pigs.
Composting plant: production of compost.
Conveyor belts: Allows the fruits can be loaded into the trailer.
Soil texture: fields and meadows have received a modified texture.
Ball bearings: For storage of straw, grass and hay bales.
Seed storage: storage of treated seeds.
Multifruid: Additional fruits such as oats, rye and sunflower.
Clover Alfalfa: See Siderates
Display Overview: LS13 Price bearing display, modified for Norge Holm. Activation with the F9 key.
Milk trigger. By Zunhammer water and milk tank (see links) can manually milk sold.
Socket: Used to dock the charging hose from Zunhammer water and milk tank..
Mapsiloband: Conveyors for cows, cattle and pig manure.
Digital display: level indicators on the feed stores.
Butcher: purchase of pigs and cattle.
Slurry Dung Purchase: Purchase of dung and manure of cows, cattle, and pigs.
EDEKA: Purchase of pigs, cattle and potato.
Horseback riding: Purchase of straw, grass / hay, oats and sugar beet.
Forgotten Plants Landscape textures: Only assumed the texture of the rocks.
BunkerSilosHud: Status and level indication of bunker silos. Activation with Ctrl (left) + B.

Mod recommendations incl. Links

Milk and water transport:
Zunhammer Water & Milk tank -. Http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1400

StopMilkSale V2.0.0 (placeable), prevents the automatic milk sale. - Http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=147&t=994

Slurry Transport:
Kotte Universal Pack Trailer + Semitrailer (new version can also be used for water and milk -. Http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=137&t=1752

Power chopped straw visible. The map is vorbereitetet, it must be copied into the mod folder only ZZZ_ChoppedStraw.zip. - Http://www.modhoster.de/mods/choppedstraw--2

Slurry manure-lime-Mod:
The map is vorbereitetet, it must be copied into the mod folder only GuelleMistMod.zip. - Http://marhu.net/phpBB3/viewtopic.php?f=141&t=1058

Status and level indication of bunker silos. The map is vorbereitetet, it must be copied into the mod folder only BunkerSilosHud.zip. - Http://www.modhoster.de/mods/bunker-silos-hud

Cattle trailer for chicken, pork and beef production:

Joskin BetimaxRDS 7500 v4.3 (please specify when the links to the take v4.3)

Fliegl Livestock Pack

And now I wish you as much fun and joy with the map, as I have it.


Since demand via PM and possibly have other similar concerns, briefly a few pointers.

Seed of new fruits:
a) oats and rye with the standard seeding machines can also sow wheat and barley.
b) sunflower with the standard seeding machines can also sow the corn.

Harvest of new crops:
a) oats and rye are the normal standard cutting such as harvested for wheat and barley.
b) sunflower are harvested with the standard cutting corn.

In summary: oats and rye is treated by LS 15 as wheat, barley and canola. Sunflowers are handled by LS15 like corn.

Alfalfa and clover as a fast-growing green plants can not be harvested, they serve as fertilizer. After the fruit ripening just drive over it with the cultivator or the Direct sowing machine, and the field is fertilized.

To load all the things apart just to things such as straw, grass and hay = loading wagons and manure = Liquid manure spreader, you can use the normal or standard tipper, such as to present at the beginning of the game Brantner E8041.

The map is so constructed that one can use standard equipment. Exceptions are water and milk, this one uses eg the Zunhammer of Marhu or Kotte Universal of Farmer_Andy - see links in the description. Water can of course with the standard water tank (Lizard - Mobile water tank) transport - can be found in the shop under Miscellaneous.

Lime can be loaded with any standard fertilizer spreader and each syringe.

Seeds2 (dressed seed) can be loaded with any standard sowing. For this, just go under the SeedMaster2k15 or the seed stock. Prerequisite is, of course, it was previously Seeds2 produced or stored.

Production of treated seeds:
The SeedMaster2k15 simply fill it with wheat, barley, canola, oats, rye or sunflowers. Then just have to wait until the SeedMaster2k15 from dressed seed has produced. Tip: If you stick to the left side of SeedMaster2k15 where the scoreboard is, you can read the progress of the production of treated seeds in the F1 menu.

AdvancedFillAutoAimTargetNode v 1.0:
Unfortunately, it can with the mod v 1.0 AdvancedFillAutoAimTargetNode be some problems, such as invisible water, errors in the broiler etc .. If this or similar be the case for you, then please remove it from the mod folder and all is well again. ;)

CAUTION - Always observe !!!

It must ALL zip files that are included in the download, are copied into the mod folder, even if they are there already exists, as the mods have been specially adapted for Map. If we make this not, errors may occur.

Please invite only one map in the mod folder, as some scripts of certain maps when starting LS15 to be loaded, and so can cause errors.

Mapumbau und teilweißer Skriptanpassung: Pandahma
Schweinemast: Marhu, Mannie313
WoolPaletteCollector: Marhu
SeedMaster2k15: Marhu, Framer_Andy (Andy1978), Weisser
Seed2Fix: Marhu, Weisser
WaterMod: Marhu
Gülle-Mist-Kalk-Mod: TMT, Marhu, -Kolbenfresser-, Hatzfan
Gülle-Lager: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
Kompostierwerk: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
Förderband Holzschnitzel: Mariodiek
Förderbänder: Leos50
Bodentextur: ZeFir_POLAND
Ballenlager: Shakari
Saatgutlager: mkausen
Multifruid: upsidedown
Gründünger-Mod: upsidedown
Klee Luzerne: bgo1973
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Kalk-Silo: RC-Devil
DisplayOverview: Blacky_BPG, HappyLooser
Milchtrigger: Marhu
Stutzen: Marhu
Mapsiloband: Marhu
Digitale Anzeige: Nils23, Blacky_BPG, lappyBauer, dtmaster
Metzgerei: Pandahma, (Urmodder – möchtegernbauer)
Gülle-Mist-Ankauf: Zatoxx
EDEKA: Giants, Mark44
Pferdehof: Aerocool, GE-Mapping, SG-1
Forgotten Plants Landscape Texturen: Eribus
Hühnermast: Framer_Andy (Andy1978)
Stallgebäude Pferdehof: Rene248
Rübenschneider: Marhu / Funky
Unkrautmod (MultiSprayer Herbizid Mod): upsidedown
AmpelMod: Bluebaby210 (bassaddict, modelleicher) [schriftliche Freigabe liegt vor]
Straßenschilder: Nick98.1
Ölmühle: SBorg
Remove Daytime Haze: Inerti
Kompost + 4 Dünger Mod inkl. Handel & Silo V 1.2: RC-Devil
Rübenschnitzler: Farmer_Andy, (Marhu, Holaras BB2500H)
Schafstall u. Wolle-Unterstand: power74de
EierGitterBox: Eisbearg
Multifrucht Schneidwerke: ls-nachrichten.de
SoilMod: Decker_MMIV
Sägewerk v1.1.0b: Marhu
Baumarktv1.1: San_Andreas
Gewächshaus: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
BaleMaster: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Schreinerei: t0xic0m
ViehMarkt: Marhu
Schweinemast 4.0: Marhu
BiofuelRaffinerie: thoralf2002
Waschanlage: 112TEC
Neue Texturen SoilMod: Geneborg
Brauerei: thoralf2002
Kartoffelwaschanlage: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Kartoffel-Dämpfer: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Forage-Master: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu)
Paletten-Sammler: Marhu
Ballenlift: Locke_SB
eggLayingStation: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu, Umbau: Pandahma)
MilkMax: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu, Umbau: Pandahma)
Gänsemast: Framer_Andy, (Scripte: Marhu, Umbau: Pandahma)
MixFeeder: Bluebaby210 (manni_112, softfox, BigM, Xentro, Timber 131, kleine Umbauarbeiten: Pandahma)
Hasenzucht: RC-Devil (Kleine Umbauarbeiten: Pandahma)
ViehMarkt Hasen: Pandahma (Urmodder - Marhu)
Zooladen: Pandahma, (Urmodder - möchtegernbauer)
Biofutter-Fabrik: RC-Devil (Kleine Umbauarbeiten: Pandahma)

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    dear Thomas i have an issue with your links as all i can download is your tractors and a few maps that i have been lucky enough to be able to download. It's from this site as well. Could you please help me with this issue as i really like the things you are putting up but its unfortunate that i can't download them
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    Abel: the yellow mixer attached to the cow trough? It requires sugar beets .
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    Hello congratulations magnificent map, this is translated from Spanish to English with google wanted to ask where I get to feed the rabbits breeding FEEDS GREEN and what is the PELLET FEEDS ?? Thz
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    To author..your map will not do a "Save Game" operation with the mod "mixfeeder" installed, remove it and you can Save a game with no problem. The mod is required to have the mixing operation work. Also is it possible to do your UP-Load NOT using "7zip", (not commonly used by most map makers). Bob.
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    Hello I need help where is Forage factory Including a new storage silo says that fitted below the construction market but do not know where this so I could not buy food for the geese and rabbits need that information to continue enjoying the map Thank you
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    Thanks Grey for answering. No I Was asking about the mixer feeder inside, the one that takes grass, silage and straw.
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    Where are the eggs to collect? Also what about the big hole by the supplier?
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    Abel - filled the mixer feeder ok with the wheeled shovel but still can't switch it on. Maybe it's automatic and starts up itself when the trough feed gets low enough. Looking at the track it's on it calls at each bin in turn, travels to the end of the barn and back over the feed troughs, then back to the start.Any idea about the huge hole by the machine shop?
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    hello CHIRS Bthe eggs to collect is in points 1268,1163
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